XMAS JAMMIES PART 2 : Shopping Advice from Your Husbands

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.57.22 AM

Ahh, the magic of the holidays.  The happiness (and insanity) that happens when families get together… the look on a child’s face while tearing apart wrapping paper.

And, one of my favorite parts, the fake reaction you give your spouse when you open a clothing box and it’s something that you would NEVER wear.

“Oh, um, honey, I, uh, love it!”

Granted, this goes both ways.  10 years ago I bought my wife a pair of shoes that she has worn TWICE.  She won’t give them away or chuck them because of their “sentimental” value, but what was I thinking? Clothing is so incredibly personal.  What’s more, most of us would rather grin and wear it than disappoint our loved ones.

So, lets get it all out on the table.  Ladies, here is some shopping advice from the husbands who absolutely adore you, but haven’t had the courage to say, “you really want me to wear THAT?”


70 thoughts on “XMAS JAMMIES PART 2 : Shopping Advice from Your Husbands

  1. Hysterical videos! I viewed the Christmas Jammie’s video, on a friends Facebook page. That friend lives in CA, imagine how surprised I was to see our local anchorman (at the time)! Keep them coming!


  2. very funny! love your blog – but as an artist, you should know better than to have a watermarked photo (i.e.: obtained without permission) in your header. You should ask your photographer for a legal copy and pay her for it! It’s a great shot of you and your kid!!


  3. You are just so much fun!!!!! What a unique family! I’m known as Greatest Crazy Aunt Sandy in my family. Would you all like another crazy aunt?


  4. I blogged on the top things to buy your man for Christmas, and I read blogs on the subject, so I’m a self-proclaimed expert now on manshopping, and I’d say the top 3 gifts to give your man during the Holiday Season… 3. Beard Coozies or Beer Holster. 2. Brew Kit. 1. BJ

    Hopefully I just saved 50,000 marriages with that.


  5. I relate to this family! I am an extreme extrovert, while my wife tries to keep me in check! Musical creativity in a conservative manner is a passion!!


  6. Oh my goodness, I’m dying here because I just had this conversation with the fiance about clothes made for the male models on the magazines not the mere mortals. 😀


  7. The Christmas after we were first married, I bought my husband this stylish green sweater. He opened it, smiled and said he loved it. He wore it on Christmas Day…and a photo was taken of us. I put the photo on our bedroom wall, we looked so happy!! Yeah, each and every time he walks by that photo now, I get some sort of comment about that sweater. My initial response to his comment was “you said you loved it! You wore it!!!” he reply was “I loved YOU!!” Mmmhmmm. Never bought him another sweater….but we have some of the BEST laughter sessions while he describes, honestly, his thoughts on getting a sweater from his new wife. Hahaha #LessonsLearned


  8. Funny video, and it makes its points very nicely. Women tend to dress their men to look handsome, sexy, appealing unless you specifically ask for help with a work wardrobe. So, they shouldn’t expect you to wear gift clothes to work, and you probably shouldn’t do it if you want to keep your job secure.


  9. I’m glad people don’t notice how high you voice has gone when you received an unwanted present that you’ve hit ultra sonic and they just think you’re speechless


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