PENNterest: Penn takes on a Pinterest project

Post by Kim, craft by Penn

I grew up in an incredibly crafty, do-it-yourself family.

Long before Pinterest, my mother and grandmother went to the store and bought patterns to make a lot of our clothes.

Before home improvement superstores, my father would take on massive projects around the house.. for fun. The house needs a new roof? Bathroom need new tile? Why pay someone to do it when you have two hands to do it yourself.

Fast forward a few years. I marry a guy that is CLUELESS. He admits it.  So that means if something is broken in our house I dive in to make the repairs.

Penn even pokes fun at my Pinterest obsession. I mean… what’s not to love? The JOY in finding a perfect “pin” and the inevitable TEARS when it doesn’t turn out anything like the picture. I’ll admit — I have an unhealthy relationship with Pinterest. I have more Pinterest #FAILS than successes. Still.. it’s Autumn. This time of year just calls out to the craftiness in my genes.

But this time — I wanted my dear husband to give it a try. I found a great wreath I wanted to duplicate — and of course, there were no step by step instructions. Of course.

So here’s his first try at a Pinterest craft. You have to watch until the end. Classic.

Have more crafts he should try? Leave a link in the comments.

17 thoughts on “PENNterest: Penn takes on a Pinterest project

  1. Could you make a better combination of things my family loves? Your funny videos and crafts!! Can’t wait to see what’s next. I think Penn should make a video carving pumpkins…using power tools. 🙂


  2. Penn, you are insane! You crack me up every time I watch you. It must be fun living at your house, coming up with all these creative and funny videos.


  3. I’m on board with the original idea to just buy a nice, already made wreath.
    Also, the “just tape it ” method is my go-to way of hanging!!
    Great job!!!
    Oh and I love your video bomber… I have one of those too… they’re fabulous!!!!


  4. The poor guy had to cut wire with a saw. Every man needs the proper tools for a job, and every job has a little whoops moment. Give him more glue, wire cutters, and an extra day to have the craft store “finish” it and it will be perfect. 😉


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