All about that basTE: a true story

from Penn:
This has been such an amazing year for me.  After nearly two decades of working in TV news,  and not getting home until the kids’ bedtime, I discovered something I honestly haven’t ever been a part of….
The nightly family dinner.
I mean, we had dinners together on weekends and vacation, but there is something so special about doing it every night.  The conversations just pick up where they left off the night before, they get more funny, more meaningful, more EVERYTHING.
Plus, I get to cook again!  I love cooking. It’s always an adventure.  I never follow the recipe. I always add something that either makes it amazing, or a total disaster.  I can’t help myself.
Kim is cool with it either way, or at least she’s sweet enough to pretend to be.  We always find a way to eat enough, and laugh enough, and go to sleep, and do it again.
Except for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving, there is no I in TEAM.  Wait, actually, there is, because there’s an I in KIM.  She’s plenty patient with me during the week cooking for amateurs (my kids), but for that one day of the week, I have to get the hell out of the kitchen (and the Dining Room at that… Apparently my table-setting abilities are woefully inadequate).
Thanksgiving is Kim’s Super Bowl.  She is up at 4 AM.  She has an intricate schedule to make sure everything makes it in the oven, and all 9 of her dishes are ready, somehow, at the exact same time.  So if I saunter in with a goofy smile and say something like “Hey babe I’m gone just go ahead and make the stuffing”, her head spins around like Linda Blair, and I back out quietly.
So basically, on Turkey Day, I have the following responsibilities:
Make sure the kids don’t get in her way (unless she wants them to)
Entertain the guests (which I do by turning on the NFL)
Baste the Turkey

That’s right! I do get to go in the kitchen every 30 minutes.  She straps a timer around my neck and when it goes off, I take the turkey out as quickly as possible, and douse it with butter.  I get this responsibility because A) Our oven is a perpetual smoke factory, and B) Our Turkey weighs about 659 pounds and you cant slide it out of the oven or the grill will tip over.  You have to work the baster into the oven like you are playing Operation and try not to burn your hands off (which I do anyway)

I AM NOT COMPLAINING.  Kim does a phenomenal job every year, and I’m lucky to be in the same zip code as her on Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the video, and tell us some of your Thanksgiving stories – comment below!



32 thoughts on “All about that basTE: a true story

  1. I’m just so excited about Thanksgiving! All the family time! All the tradition! The FOOD!
    My family of five is jumping in an RV and heading to High Point, NC.
    Looks like you all are going to have a great time also!


  2. Love Thanksgiving as well! I seem to always need a refresher on how to truss the turkey before cooking and always end up at the same tutorial from Alton Brown. If you are interested- here is a link!


  3. My favorite yet! Really shows the family’s diverse talents! And love how the kids are really showing off their personalities! Thank you for sharing


  4. I’m cooking a dish for the Family Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time this year… I figured at 25 it was probably time I start carrying my own weight… I’m making Green Bean Casserole … how hard can it be?


  5. I love this one! After spending 14 years working retail management, I have learned to plan my Tday meal a little later – instead of 1 pm so I can go to bed at 6 pm! For us it’s a small group – us 3 plus my daughter and her boyfriend. NO ONE is allowed in the kitchen! I don’t even want advice!
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Holdernesses!


  6. Can I just say how much my entire family enjoys all of your videos? Each is creative, funny and family friendly. (My boys sing your “My Monopoly” song like it’s their job…thanks for that.) Penn has been awesome to my husband, Dave, in the past; it’s great to see that all of y’all are truly nice people with the same crazy sense of humor. I hope you have continued success and many more viral videos in your future!


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  8. Love your videos! We will be enjoying Thanksgiving week with my parents from Michigan here in Holly Springs, NC! When you rub your turkey before it goes in the oven, use soften butter and Trader Joes Smoked Paparika. Makes the skin so pretty and gives it a great color! Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. This video is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laughs. My favorite Thanksgiving memory? Visiting in-laws in Acworth, Georgia and the oven broke on Thanksgiving day!! We ended up giving thanks for the GRILL! Happy Thanksgiving from Colorado…


  10. That’s the most awesomenest thing I have seen in a while! What a fun family!! I love how you’re all into it and it seems so natural for you all!! **Bestest YouTube video out there**!!! 🙂 Have a great Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!


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  13. My 4 year old totally took out two sticks of butter from the fridge this morning to put on her own performance of “All About that Baste” for dad. Of course, I couldn’t resist watching too, even though I was on my way out the door! I almost ran late for work. You guys rock, my daughter agrees!


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