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9 thoughts on “Contact Us!

  1. The person who wrote that negative article on Jezebel should have her First Amendment Right revoked. Trolls… Absolute Trolls. The definition of Bully is to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something. The way I see it, you have all the influence and strength, not them. They are just jealous internet trolls. Your videos make my day and I am sure every one else’s also. I think the best thing to do is create an anti-bullying video . I always look forward to YouTube saying you posted a new video. Please keep it up. Jeff


  2. Thank you for unapologetically firing your family’s joy into the world. Never stop producing videos that keep the rest of us giggling…unfortunately, it’s a lost art in a lot of people’s lives. Blessings! Meg


  3. I lost my job in October 2013 and have been in a crazy funk. I worked for Wake County Human Services and was fired because I was honest with my clients about this new NCFAST program in North Carolina and the powers that be did not like my honesty. How the hell can I lie to a mother or father who has hungry children??? Anyway . . . . . I was searching the net today for the millionth time and ran across another one of your videos and saw that you have a website so I pulled it up and have been on it for the past 2 hour. I think you all are the BEST. I love how you are including your children in what you are doing. I also read that jezebel crap. Let’s face it – haters are gonna hate. Continue to give them something to talk about. You have so much talent that God gave you. Continue to use it. Thank you for making me smile. I look forward to other things that you have to offer. Happy Holidays to your family!!


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