Soooo, in case you were wondering, we do have real jobs…

We don’t just make ridiculous videos, dancing in our pajamas or channeling Sir Mix-a-Lot.  We are, in case you were curious, a full-service production and Digital Marketing Company called Greenroom Communications.  We make entertaining, highly shareable videos for companies around the world (so far, FOX Home entertainment, Shari’s Berries, H&R Block, Hasbro).

Here is our brand spankin’ new Demo Reel, courtesy of our brand spankin’ new Director of Video Production, Zak Ciotti

and here’s the Greenroom Communications website.

Baby Got Class! A back to school parody

If there was one of those facebook relationship status options for my children, at this point in August, I would choose “needs to see other people.” On both sides — we literally need to see other people.

It’s been an amazing summer but for our children and ourselves — we are ready for the routine the school year brings.
As working parents we had the familiar struggle of “what will the kids do while we work?” issue on a daily basis.

Our kids had a full summer of camps, play dates, fun babysitters, and a few work trips with mom and dad. We’ve spent A LOT of time with them — and we’ve treasured every (almost every) minute.
Just as much as WE are ready to walk them to the classroom door -THEY are ready to go.
Before they head back to school — my final few days of their summer break are spent filling out paperwork (didn’t I fill this out last year?), buying a random list of school supplies (do the erasers have to be pink?), signing up for committees (I swear this year I’m not going to forget any meetings), and trying, so desperately trying to get organized (THIS is going to be the year.. I can FEEL it).
So here’s our ode to the parents, students, and teachers as we start a new school year in the only way we know how.


It is the panicked thought that goes through every dad’s mind, one hour before your family comes back in town.  About once a year, dad is left home alone, and  many of us take that opportunity to revert to our primal selves – We eat horrible food, we don’t make the bed, we meet up with the guys, we clean up NOTHING – that is, until about an hour before they get home.


1. This was real – actually shot while my wife and kids made a quick trip down to Disney – the mess is real, the story is real, and thank goodness I have a tripod, because I had to photograph myself.

2. The guy who looks like Jason Sudekis is my buddy Jake Fehling – we are working on a Holderness Family spinoff called “Rapping Dads” – more to come.

Dads/Moms – does this sound familiar? Comment below.